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Know, Grow, Go


KNOW:  Knowing the Love of God in Worship

For without the knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God, and without knowledge of God, there can be no true knowledge of the self. The lamps represent a relationship between two: God and self. Our lamp's flame portrays us, as an individual, choosing to recognize God's power. God's flame shows His choosing to let Himself be known to us through the Word. As a child of God, we must come to know who and whose we are before we can begin to apply that faith in this world.


GROW:  Growing in God's Love

A beehive consists of many bees, working together for the good of the hive. We mirror them in the way we are individuals in the Body of Christ, using our spiritual gifts for the building up, as well as in the comfort of our church family. An individual who is growing in God's love displays heightened activity of faith and intentionally on his part to be transformed in accordance to God's will and purpose.


GO:  Going out in God's Love in Mission and Evangelism

The resurrection of a beautiful butterfly from the less desirable caterpillar, then seemingly lifeless chrysalis, resembles our willingness to go out into the world with God's grace, putting faith into action, realizing our spiritual transformation by the power and grace of God in Christ and the Holy Spirit.

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